Hardcastle GIS wishes everyone a Happy Diwali

Shubh Deepawali! Celebrate this Diwali with family and friends, it’s time to exchange sweets and gifts

Diwali, the festival of lights is a chance for people to have a wonderful time with family and friends, celebrating the day dressing up in new clothes, light up diyas everywhere, performing Lakshmi puja and bursting crackers and sparklers. It falls every year on the Kartik month of Hindu calendar

But, what is the real reason behind celebrating Diwali every year? Diwali is celebrated particularly in India as the day marking the victory of light over darkness. When Lord Rama Chandra returned from 14 years of exile and defeated demon Ravana, all people celebrated the day, dancing and bursting crackers all over Ayodhya. After this, the day has been marked as one of the biggest and important festivals of Hindu faith.

On this festival, people worship Lord Ganesha as the main god of Hindu faith and Goddess Lakshmi as she is recognized as the goddess of light, wisdom and fortune. Following this festival with prayers and fireworks, people celebrate it with a family feast including sweets. Also, exchange of gifts and sweets between relatives and friends is one of the important activity that people follow on Diwali.

Apart from lighting diyas and bursting crackers indoor and outdoor, with a hope that light could win over darkness, exchanging of sweets, dry fruits and gifts are among the popular traditions of Diwali festival. The primary practice behind the exchange of sweets and gifts on Diwali is to strengthen the relation of love, sweetness and bonding and accelerate affection and appreciation. Since, Diwali is a religious festival, sending Diwali gifts also is a way of conveying respect, wishes and blessings to your friends and relatives.

Diwali is a day of giving and sharing, a tradition of exchanging sweets and fruits. But, when you are choosing gifts, try to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali this year. Instead of crackers and fireworks, you can present decorative diyas, organic cosmetics, raja rani wall hangings, scented candles, etc., which you can easily find on online shopping websites or general stores.

It’s again time to exchange sweets and gifts. So, what are you planning to give your friends and relatives as gift with sweets and dry fruits. Before exchanging gifts and sweets, don’t forget to worship Goddess Lakshmi with a sweet packet. Offer a sweet packet of kaju katli or any sweet with pista topping to the goddess of lights, which will surely bring success, wealth and prosperity to your life.

Hardcastle GIS Solutions and Team wishes everyone a Happy Diwali.

Happy Diwali

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