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GIS based Minining Mapping Project

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Web based GIS and vehicle application to be developed using Geo-Server. This application would be hosted using Apache- Tomcat as web server. Data created and stored in Postgres SQL server would be consumed in this application.

We also created a Public Works Management System by scanning and digitizing each and every contract given by GIDC till date and linking it on GIS. This would produce all the details of the job, vendor, maintenance contract, penalty clause and more at the click of a button.


bulletAbility to Geo-Code, Geo-Fence specific areas (Sand Block area, Stock Yard area, State Boundaries, District boundaries).

bulletGraphical Map View of Sand tracking Transport Vehicle with ability to drill down to an individual vehicle for tracking/status info

bulletIntegration of GIS and GPS software with Centralized Sand Mining System

bulletAlerts when the GPS device is switched off or tampered

bulletGPS data refresh into the server every 2-3 minutes


Web based GIS and Vehicle tracking application would include following features

bullet User access control and Authentication as per login mechanism to be provided on initiating the application. Various user access rights such as read-only or edit or administrator as required.

bullet Provision to register and create login on initial application initiation.

bullet General Data mapping and Visualization: Basic Map navigation tools such as Zoom in, Zoom

bullet Online Base maps to be provided as base maps service using either REST, or any standard OCG formats

bullet Provision for multiple base maps and base map selection tool. (Google Maps, Street View, Satellite View, Open Street Maps etc.)

Pop up tool to display all the attributes in a pop up box for user click on the map display section.


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